Published 22/5/20 6:04pm

COVID-19 update

A statement on behalf of MGA’s Directors:

A note to the MGA Family,

To say that I am impressed by the response to the pandemic that I have seen from the MGA family of staff, tutors, students, parents, customers, suppliers, our stake holders and our community of supporters would be a wholly inadequate statement. I am in awe of the resilience, determination and creativity demonstrated by all those who work with and support us. I have watched in pride as the team at MGA have adapted and delivered under unimaginable pressure – matched by the pride I feel as I see our students refuse to be beaten despite having to overcome so many new hurdles.

I last wrote to you in March as the world was closing its doors. At that point we did not know, and could not possibly predict, what the future had in store for us. We made the promise that, whatever happened, MGA would not fail in its commitments.

As we approach the end of May the future remains uncertain but, exceeding expectations, MGA is having a high level of success with online training provision. This is testament to the work of our administration and teaching teams and I want to express my upmost respect and thanks to all who are making this possible. Our focus now moves to the planned Summer Courses and the start of the 2020/21 academic year.

Nothing in the world is certain at present – except that there will be modifications to our routines, social activities and working practices throughout our daily lives. The UK’s educational provisions across the sector will also have to innovate and adapt to a new normal. As MGA develops a strategy for the future it is imperative that we look at these challenges from three perspectives: firstly, what the Government requires from us; secondly, what our students require to be successful in their training; and thirdly, what is appropriate and works for our local community.

Moving forward, we are currently busy developing approaches to ensure the health and safety of all those who work and study at MGA. We continue to build solutions to safeguard our training provision to ensure the successful vocational training of our students and to honour our commitments to MGA’s educational accreditation and awarding bodies. We are making a promise to do this no matter what scenario we find ourselves in this summer and what the new educational environment looks like for the future.

We all want certainty. We all want the comfort of knowing exactly what the future will look like. Unfortunately, as with almost every other aspect of daily life at the moment, the changing and unpredictable nature of our current challenges mean that I cannot, at present, offer you certainty. What I can offer you is the promise that MGA will ensure deliverance on our commitments to our students. We will remain at the forefront of vocational Acting, Musical Theatre and Dance training. We will ensure that our provision is amongst the finest available in the UK, and that our graduates continue to be best-placed to enter a successful career in the Industry upon completion of our courses. As the upcoming weeks unfold and new information becomes available we will respond practically and appropriately to all new developments, make the necessary decisions – and communicate them fully with you.

It is safe to assume that we will, as will all training providers moving forward, need to look at class sizes, group activity vs one-to-one tuition, the allocation of group-specific spaces and extended operating hours to maximise class time within potentially new long-term social distancing guidelines. As we know more, we will communicate fully all decisions being taken.

On a final note for now, I would like to say thank you once again for your own contributions to MGA’s continued success. As countries of the world approach with caution a steady return to life as normal, we are still bombarded with misinformation, pessimism and speculation. We must try our best to navigate ourselves away from the politics of the situation and remain focused on positivity, optimism, resilience and determination. By working together, supporting each other and through a spirit of cooperation and compromise we will all flourish together when the next phase of our lives begins.

My very best wishes to you and yours.
Stay happy, healthy and in good humour.

Drew Gowland

Managing Director,
The MGA Academy of Performing Arts

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COVID-19 update

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